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First class talent is the basis of building a first-class enterprise, the development of enterprises need talent, but also to develop talent. We follow the "discovery of talent, training talent, retain talent," the concept of employment. As enterprises continue to transport fresh blood to the vast sky to fly the talent.
First, the "do not doubt, do not need people," the concept of trust, to build scientific and technological personnel to carry out scientific and technological innovation platform;
Two, establish "means, to bring peace, talent competition mechanism and removed the"
; Three, to encourage every employee to use their own high expectations to motivate themselves, to meet their own high standards, prompting each employee and the company to work together with the growth.
open employment channels, invite the talent to join
We actively expand employment channels, take two into a full range, multi channel talents ". First, all kinds of high-level personnel into the market to attract business needs Various types of talents. Two is to participate in Institutions of higher learning, such as the activities of dialogue with the university personnel, communication, two-way choice; to solve the cause of our development Source problem. In addition, through international cooperation, the establishment of headhunting, talent website and other channels to attract talent.
let go of talent, to achieve a reasonable allocation of human
We adhere to the "sage's habitat, the habitat wise side, one center, employing the principle of work in the first", establish "a cadre of personnel, can machine. The establishment of energy can be removed, the income can be low energy "four energy" employment mechanism. The design for the staff occupation career development planning, combined with the performance evaluation, education and training, job rotation The implementation of the system, such as exercise, to create a good environment and good use of competitive incentive mechanism.
to create the environment, maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises
We carry out the strategy of "affection, cause, treatment, and culture retention". To make people have a sense of accomplishment and pride, and thus to create a" I am proud of the enterprise, I am ashamed of the enterprise, the sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, so as to cause people to stay; continue to reform the pay system, the implementation of paid leave, the implementation of full insurance, Remove the talent "worries", so that the treatment to keep people; continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, so as to retain the cultural .
"All rivers run into sea, let the Dragon flies; thousands of boat racing, renqunying scrambling."
Our talent concept is and will continue to promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

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