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Sawing process and temperature generating principle of cold saw blade

Cold saw blade when sawing, a process is actually through the high-speed grinding workpiece, in which will cause relatively high temperature and wear state, resulting in the blade has certain service life, to solve these problems, we make a reasonable planning, can greatly enhance the efficiency in the use of cold saw blade.
The process of cold sawing and cutting
Cold saw blade cutting in the workpiece, the process is through the device driver rotating blade, slowly close to the workpiece, the saw blade teeth will be the first time in contact with the workpiece is cut, abrasive cutting, this is actually a kind of mutual friction sawing process, will produce during the high temperature, the also on the blade wear resistance and heat resistance of a test, if we can reduce the cutting temperature in the whole process, it can greatly enhance the efficiency of cutting blade.
Two, the temperature of the matrix principle
A, if we use the cold saw blade, because the production can not keep up the progress or other reasons, the need to improve the cutting speed, it will also mean that we are increasing the blade loss (the faster, the higher the temperature of
) B, saw continuous working time is more long, the more heat, the temperature is high, the result is the blade damage is greater, so we do not recommend the use of for a long time with a saw, if you need to use for a long time, can turn into the replacement operation, minimize continuous use time.
The diameter of workpiece is C, sawing, cutting process will determine the time, the greater the cutting time is longer, the longer the time temperature increased, the temperature will be higher, the blade loss is bigger also, in this case our general practice is to improve the use of cooling liquid.
Three, summary
Cold saw blade sawing: to minimize the production of high temperature, reduce the sawing process time (a single workpiece), must regulate the cooling fluid and reasonable use, increase chip power.

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