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Stress correction matrix metal circular saw blade

The stress of metal saw blade stable or accurate, will affect the sawing stability in the production of metal saw blade, will often lead to error bit value beyond reasonable standard, if not corrected, will lead to a variety of problems, then you need to correct the matrix stress.
The necessity of
, a metal saw blade stress correction The blade is composed of base metal circular saw blade important part, if the stability is not enough, will cause all kinds of problems, such as: cutting the workpiece quality decline, is not compatible with the equipment and cutting are shaking, and one of the most direct is to greatly reduce the service life, increase the enterprise cost. On some stress can refer to "saw blade rolling tension and stress introduced"
Two, the method of correcting stress
Have a cold, hot school law school method and comprehensive method of three kinds of usual metal circular saw blade correction method:
1, cold calibration method: this method is to say only to the saw blade matrix pressure, but not heating;
2, hot school method: the blade matrix for local heating, but not pressure;
3, synthesis method: part of the saw blade pressure and part of the heating;
The above three methods are the most effective means to correct the stress of the saw blade substrate, but generally only use cold calibration method, the specific implementation, you can refer to the following text:
Metal saw blade stress method has cold correction hammer and rolling method
A, hammer correction
1, if in the test, the need to increase the value of the stress, when the hammer should be carried out from the metal saw blade center position, until the blade diameter 2/3, can be stopped; note that the hammer head using a hammer is circular, all parties must be in this range are the same hammering force and drop point;
2, if it is found that the stress value is too large, it must reduce the value of specific methods: Hammer technique with the first step, but the hammer position should start from the saw blade edge, outer diameter distance 1/3 prescription; B, the rolling method calibration
Correction method of rolling on the blade with two parallel equivalent same roller diameter, as shown in Figure 1, in this step we need to pay attention to one thing: the shaft must use the same motor drive, so that it can protect the absolute synchronization, if not synchronized, it will seriously affect the results, there is a the direction of rotation must be opposite.
1, stress such as insufficient, need to increase: from 1/3 to 2/3 metal saw blade diameter position by roller pressure 2~3.
2, if the stress is too large, you need to reduce: in the edge of the substrate with the roller wheel position 2~3 times, stress stress change.

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