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Some common sawing blade are introduced

saw blade has many kinds, such as cold saw blade, hard alloy saw blades, but they have a common, is by the cutter head and the cutter plate of two parts, the cutter head can be replaced or grinding, the cost is relatively cheap, and the knife plate damage and the purchase of new blade does not have what difference.
A knife head of some common sense
Circular saw blades are different according to different categories, such as: high speed steel, tungsten steel, ceramics, steel alloys and other materials made of a disposable, can be repeatedly grinding, ultra-thin type, also have thickened, the specific needs in according to their own actual use of selected.
The cutter head can also be called or serrated tooth head, each region names are different; in most cases, the cutter head can be used in grinding, grinding and second new blade, is generally a 70% utilization rate (such as the saw blade can cut 10 thousand knife then, the grinding second times can cut 7000 knives, third can cut 4900 knife), said here is an overview of the actual needs, depending on the use of (typically, a circular saw blade can be grinding 2-3).
Two, about the common problems of knife handle
The cutter head of the circular saw blade is consumable, in use process, because of many reasons for some problems, here are some common causes of treatment;
1, the blade and the head part of the tool wear:
The general reasons of the problem is that the circular saw blade in high speed operation, small iron "sticky" live blade, can timely and effective discharge;
Processing method: check the equipment on the chip removal device, increase the flow of cooling water.
2, the cutter head gap
The reason: the knife gap on the head, there are several A, material B, material too hard; bump serious; C, feed too fast; this is usually caused by the cutter head, because the feed too fast.
Treatment methods: check the materials or check the equipment parameters (feed rate)
3, knife head saw slow, poor quality
The reason is: the circular saw blades have a certain life, if the use of long to the critical point, the cutting effect will have a larger overall difference falls.
Treatment methods: to repair or replace the sawtooth.

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